Patchi Site Map

Croq Hazelnut
Decorated Chocolates
Good Fortune
Hajj Mubarak Gift Box
Love Cube
Malbane & Dried Apricot Paste
Milk & Gianduja Cream Egg
Party Ribbons (Blue)
Patchino - Kids Gourmet Chocolate
Red Poppy
Sacred Charm Arrangement
Sampler Gift Box (6 pieces)
Stocking Stuffers, Tree Toppers & Party Favors
Summer Ballotin (1 Pound)
Sweet Leaves (large)
Sweet Shine
Sweet Treat (ivory)
Yellow Button
"Eid Moubarak" Gift Box
"Gold Treasure"
"It's a Boy!" Mug
"Modern Chic"
"Paint Your Mug Gift "Set
"Paint Your Mug" Gift Set
"Paint Your Mug" Gift Set
"Silver Glitter"
"Spanish Rose" Arrangement
"Spring Gem"
"Touch Of Green" Orchid (Large)
"Touch Of Green" Orchid (Small)
"White Rose" Arrangement
$100 Patchi Gift Certificates
$200 Patchi Gift Certificates
$25 Patchi Gift Certificates
$25 Patchi Gift Certificates
$25 Patchi Gift Certificates
10pk Favor Boxes
1lb Holiday Classic Ballotin Box
2lb Holiday Classic Ballotin Box
2pc Favor Boxes
4 Piece Hinged Box
5 Bunny Friends
Chocolate Lollipops
A Rose for You Plate Arrangement (Gold Theme)
A Love Note Chocolate Favor
A Red Rose For You Plate Arrangement (Silver Theme)
Chic Bunny Easter Tray
A Bite of Sweet (4 Piece Gift Box)
A Blessed Eid Plate Arrangement
A Box of Blessings (875 g)
A Boy's Faith
A Day at the Park!
A Day at the Park! ( Bars Pack)
A Gift of Gold
A Gift Of Indulgence
A Gift of Sharing
A Gift of Style
A Gift to Remember
A Girl's Faith
A Golden Christmas
A Jar of Goodies (medium)
A La Mode
A la Mode
A Look Inside Patchi's Lingots >
A Love of Gold (Large)
A Modern Twist
A Refined Moment
A Rose for You
A Special Treat
A Time to Remember
A Time to Share
A Touch of Green
Abundant Gift
Adha & Hajj Collections
Adha treats (gold)
Adha treats (white)
Allure Arrangement
Almond Finger
Almond Finger
(in silver)
Amandine Blanc
Amandine Lait
Amandine Lait
Amandine- Blanc
Amber Elegance
Amber Light
Amber Simplicity
Ambrosia (Lrg Sq)
Ambrosia Arrangement
Amen ( Blue)
Amen ( Pink)
Amour Leather Plate (Med)
Amour Gift Basket
Angel Treats
Apricot Lait
Apricot Noir
Arabica Lait
Arabica- Noir
archive easter/communion
Archive Ramadan-Eids
Archive VDay
Archive- xmas and other
Archive-party favors
Argt Archive
Arrangements and Baskets
Assorted Dates Gift Tower
Audace (7oz)
Audace Bar (100 g)
Autumn Flower
Baby Archive
Baby Bird (pink)
Baby Bird (with stand)
Baby Blocks (Blue)
Baby Blocks (pink)
Baby Bottle
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Arrangements
Baby Boy Arrangements
Baby Boy Decorated Chocolate Favors
Baby Boy Favor
Baby Boy Gift Box
Baby Boy Gift Box
Baby Boy Gift Box
Baby Collection
Baby Favor
Baby Favor
Baby Favor
Baby Favor Custom Message: Here's How it Works
Baby Girl Arrangements
Baby Girl Arrangements
Baby Girl Decorated Chocolate Favors
Baby Play Time
Baby Rocking Horse
Backyard Fun
Backyard Play (basket)
Bag of Bites
Ballerinas, Stage & Sparkles
Ballotin - Mixed Chocolate Box
Bamboo Charm Arrangement
Bamboo Luck
Baptism & First Communion
Baskets and Arrangements Collection
Be Mine
Beach Baby (boy)
Beach Baby (girl)
Beach Ball
Beach Ball Teddy
Beach Bum
Beaded Gift Bag (blue)
Beaded Gift Bag (pink)
Beaded Gift Bag (Yellow/Unisex)
Bear & Dragonfly Friends (Mixed)
Bear & Dragonfly Friends (Pink)
Bear Fun
Bear Gifts (Blue)
Bear Keychain Souvenir (Blue)
Bear Mug Set (Blue)
Bear Sailor
Bear Tea Pot & Cup Set (Blue)
Bear Tea Pot & Cup Set (Pink)
Bears, Birds and more
Beary Happy
Beary Happy (pink)
Beautiful Offering
Berry Tree
Best Buds
Best Wishes (Silver)
Bird Of Harmony
Bird of Love Ballotin
Bird of Luck
Biscuitine Noir
Biscuits Dipped in Milk Chocolate
Black and Gold Design
Black and White Mug with Mini Chocolates
Black Decorative Plate
Black Decorative Plate
Black Decorative Plate
Black Decorative Plate
Black Tulip Vase
Black Xmas Tree
Blessed Day Arrangement
Blessed Hajj (gold)
Blessed Hajj (white/green)
Block Time
Blooming Love
Blooming Love (Brooch Gift Box )
Blooming Surprise - Favor Box
Blossoming Love
Blue Happiness Gift Box (330 g)
Blue Adoration
Blue Angel
Blue Angels Arrangement
Blue Bear Velvet Chest
Blue Beauty
Blue Block Souvenir
Blue Brilliance
Blue Brilliance (square)
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly Chocolate Arrangement
Blue Butterfly Plate Arrangement
Blue Button
Blue Cotton Flower
Blue Dog Tray
Blue Egg Shell
Blue Flowers
Blue Ladybug Favor
Blue Mirage
Blue Mirage Arrangement
Blue Mirage Petals
Blue Overalls
Blue Pearl Jordan Almonds
Blue Teddy
Blue Teddy (long rectangle)
Blue Toned Art Vase
Blue Toned Art Vase (Large)
Blue Whiskers
Blues & Greens
Bonny Mug & Spoon Set
Bonny Variety Tin Box
Bottle Time
Bottle Time (pink)
Bouchee D'Or
Bountiful Offering
Box Filled 1100 GR Chocolate
Box Ornament with Chocolates
Boxed Chocolate Collection
Boxed Collection Patchi (427gr)
Boxed Collection Patchi (560gr)
Boxed Designs
Bravo! (brz)
Bravo! (Silver)
Breakfast with Santa
Briefcase arrangement gourmandines
Brown Bear
Brown Beauty
Brown Soft Leather Gift Box
Bubbly Fish
Bubbly Fish
Buddy the Elf
Build Your Arrangement Variety
Bunny Bowl
Bunny Field
Bunny Hop Arrangement
Bunny Treat
Butterfly Bliss
Butterfly Fun
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Magic
Buzz Buzz Bee
Calm Elegance
Candle Bright (Blue)
Candle Bright (Pink)
Car Play (pink)
Caramel & Sea Salt (Red)
Caramel & Sea Salt
Caramelized wafer & Chocolate Cream (Metallic Red)
Carousel Fun Souvenir
Carpool Time!
Catty Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats
Catty Fun Variety Tin Box
Catty Mug and Spoon Set
Celebrate Eid!
Celebrate with Style!
Celebration Time!
Celebration Treats
Celebration Vase
Celebrations, Hostess Gifts & more
Champagne Ruffles (Large)
Champagne Ruffles (Small)
Charming (box)
Charming Duo - Double Container with Jordan Almonds
Charming Fan
Charming Flower Plate
Charming Pink
Checkers Large (550 g)
Cheerful Wishes
Cheers (grey)
Cheers (Silver)
Cherished Time
Cherished Times
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom (Flat)
Cherry Blossom (Rectangle)
Cherry Blossom Favor Box
Chest of Sweet Blessings
Chic Bouquet
Chic Celebration
Chic Celebration
Chic Gift Basket
Chic Mom
Chic Santa
Chic Style
Chilly Santa
Chinese Good Luck Finesse Bar (50g)
Chinese Good Luck Audace Bar (100g)
Chinese Good Luck Legere Bar (50g)
Chinese New Year Collection
Choco Factory Truck
Chocolate Christmas Tree
Chocolate & Nougat Mix 1lb Box
Chocolate Arrangements
Chocolate Bar (1.75oz)
Chocolate Bar (1.75oz)
Chocolate Bar (1.75oz)
Chocolate Bar (1.75oz)
Chocolate Bar (3.5oz)
Chocolate Bar (3.5oz)
Chocolate Bar (7oz)
Chocolate Bar Collection
Chocolate Bear Lollipops (6 pieces)
Chocolate Bear Lollipops (6 pieces)
Chocolate Bells in Leather Bag (Gold)
Chocolate Bells in Leather Bag (Red)
Chocolate Covered Dates Variety Box (250g)
Chocolate Covered Decadence
Chocolate Covered Decadence
Chocolate Covered Treats
Chocolate Deer
Chocolate Dipped Biscuits
Chocolate Eggs, Favors, and More
Chocolate Elf Clog
Chocolate Favors Print Collection
Chocolate Gift Arrangements
Chocolate Gift Boxes
Chocolate Hearts Packet--Set of 2!
Chocolate Ingredients
Chocolate Ingredients >
Chocolate Malt Balls
Chocolate Menu - Build Your Box
Chocolate Menu, Dragées & Specialty Treats
Chocolate Menu, Dragee & Specialty Treats
Chocolate Santa
Chocolate Treats Bag
Chocolate Tree
Chocolate Wishes Gift Basket
Chocolove Heart Tin Box
Christmas Arrangements
Christmas Boxed Arrangements
Christmas Chic
Christmas Flower (red)
Christmas Flower (yellow)
Christmas Goodies
Christmas Love
Christmas Magic
Christmas Patchi (1070 gr)
Christmas Patchi (1315 gr)
Christmas Patchi (1590 gr)
Christmas Patchi (160 gr)
Christmas Patchi (1600 gr)
Christmas Patchi (1730 gr)
Christmas Patchi (1745 gr)
Christmas Patchi (195 gr)
Christmas Patchi (3420 gr)
Christmas Patchi (375 gr)
Christmas Patchi (400 gr)
Christmas Patchi (460 gr)
Christmas Patchi (510 gr)
Christmas Patchi (550 gr)
Christmas Patchi (565 gr)
Christmas Patchi (590 gr)
Christmas Patchi (700 gr)
Christmas Patchi (865 gr)
Christmas Patchi (95 gr)
Christmas Time!
Christmas Tree
Christmas Wish
Christmas Wishes
Chrome Box with Signature Ribbon (56 pc)
Circles Print (Blue)
Circles Print (Pink)
Circus Baby
Circus Baby! (Blue)
Circus Baby! (Pink)
Circus is in Town!
Classic & Elegant Designs
Classic Christmas
Classic Designs
Classic Easter
Classic Elegance (gold)
Classic Elegance Gift Box (silver)
Classic Elegance Large Square (White Pearl)
Classic Elegance Pearl White Favor Box
Classic Elegance Silver Favor Box
Classic Elegance- Gold (Large Square)
Classic Gift Box with Holiday Ribbon (1 Pound)
Classic Gourmandine Gift Box
Classic Gourmandines Box (1100 g)
Classic Holiday
Classic Holiday
Classic Pearls (Large)
Classic Pearls (Small)
Classic Romance
Classic Rose
Classic Rose (Flat)
Clowns n' Friends
Cocoa Cream & Hazelnuts (Red)
Cocoa Delight
Cocoa Powder covered Hazelnuts
Cocotine Milk
Coffee Gourmet Thins Box 385g
Coffret (Metallic Gold)
Coffret ( Metallic Silver)
Coffret Box (24 pieces, 380gr)
Collections Placeholder
Congrats! (Blue)
Congrats! (Pink)
Cookie Ornament
Cookie Ornament
Cool Emerald
Cool Goodie Bag
Cool Knit
Coral Gem
Corporate Program Collection
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Cotton Flower
Cotton Flower Arrangement
Crazy for You
Cream Cheese, Biscuits & Cranberry Jam (Red)
Cream Cheese, Biscuits & Cranberry Jam in Milk Chocolate - Yellow
Creme Rose
Crescent Love (gold)
Crescent Love (silver)
Croco Drawer Box - Large
Croco Drawer Box - Medium
Croco Drawer Box - Medium
Croco Drawer Box - Small
Croco Drawer Box Medium
Croco Gift Box
Croco Gift Box - Deluxe
Croco Gift Box - Large
Croco Leather Chocolate Box
Croq Almond
Croq' Amande Noir
Croq' Amande noir
Croq' Noisette lait
Croq' Noisette Lait
Croq' Pistache Lait
Croquet Holiday in Orange
Croquet Holiday in Red
Croquet Holiday in Silver
Crystal and Glass Souvenirs
Crystal Chic
Crystal Clear Love - Arrangement in Crystal Vase
Crystal Vase Arrangement
Crytal Magic
Cuddly Elephant (Blue)
Cuddly Elephant Large Tray (Pink)
Customizations & Special Orders
Cute as a Button
Cute baby frame (boy)
Cute Baby Frame (Girl)
Dainty Bloom
Dainty Red (mini)
Dainty Flower
Dainty Heart
Dainty Leaf
Dainty Leaf (Large)
Dainty Red (medium)
Dainty Red (Tablet)
Daisy Box Favor Arrangement
Daisy Field
Daisy Garden (Large)
Daisy Garden (Small)
Daisy Gift Plate
Dancing Fairy
Dark & Gianduja Cream Egg
Dark Biscuit & Chocolate Cream ( Red)
Dark Biscuits & Chocolate Cream (Yellow)
Dark chocolate & Nougat ( Yellow)
Dark chocolate & Strawberry (Fuschia)
Dark chocolate & Strawberry (red)
Dark chocolate & Strawberry (Yellow)
Dark Chocolate Cream - Red
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Eggs Variety
Dark Chocolate filled with Dark Chocolate Cream & Orange Infusion
Dark chocolate filled with dark chocolate cream mixed with almond pieces.
Dark chocolate filled with dark cream and ground almonds
Dark Chocolate filled with hazelnut Praliné
Dark Chocolate Filled with Praline Gianduja Cream
Dark Chocolate Heart
Dark Chocolate Mint Squares
Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Dark cream
Dark Chocolate with Nougat ( Red)
Dark Chocolate with Nougat (Metallic Red)
Dark Praliné
Darling (large)
Darling (small)
Darling Rose
Darling Teddy
Dashing Vase
Dazzling Diamonds
Dazzling Love
Deck The Halls
Decorated Arrangements
Decorated Chocolate Assortments
Decorated Chocolate Baby
Decorated Chocolate Baby
Decorated Chocolate Baby
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Chocolate Wedding
Decorated Favors
Deer in a Sphere
Deer Santa Basket
Deer Wishes (red)
Delectable Delight
Delice Holiday in Orange
Delight in Style
Delightfully Red (Large)
Delightfully Red (Small)
Designer Chocolates
Designer Favor Box
Devotion (Ivory)
Devotion (white)
Diamond Dazzle
Diamond Dazzle (Large)
Diamond Keepsake Box
Diamond Picture Frame
Diaper Baby (Blue)
Diaper Days (blue)
Divine Beauty (Beige)
Divine Day
Divine treasures
Divinity (Blue)
Divinity (white)
Doggy Chocolate Bars Pack
Doggy Cuddly Toy Box & Treats
Doggy Mug & Spoon Set
Doggy Variety Tin Box
Dolmy Chocolate Bars Pack
Dolmy Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats
Domino Holiday in Orange
Domino Holiday in Red
Double Delight
Dragee Hazelnut Sprinkled with Cocoa Powder
Dragees Box Assortment-Set of 3
Dragees Collection
Dragon Dance
Dragonfly Meadows (Blue - Large)
Dragonfly Meadows (Pink - Small)
Dragonfly Meadows (Small - Blue)
Dreamy Lavender (Gift Box)
Dreamy Pink (Gift Box)
Dreamy White
Dreamy White
Dual Bliss
Dual Love
Duo Box Sets (2 for $6, 10 for $25)
Duo Box Variety
Duo Classique
Duo Classique (2 pieces)
Duo Wedding
Earthy Ceramic Bowl
Easter 2007 Boxed Designs
Easter 2007 Collection
Easter 2007 Expressions Collections
Easter 2008 Chocolate & Gift Collection - Patchi
Easter Ballotin (1 Pound)
Easter Ballotin (1/2 Pound)
Easter Basket 1
Easter Bunny & Embossed Eggs
Easter Bunny Tray
Easter Celebration
Easter CelebrationTray
Easter Cheer Basket
Easter Delight
Easter Dove
Easter Eggs Cart
Easter Eggs Gift Box (Large)
Easter Eggs Gift Box (Small)
Easter Eggs Goodie Bag
Easter Extravaganza Basket
Easter Fun Basket
Easter in Style
Easter Joy
Easter Open House
Easter Surprise (Orange)
Easter Surprise (Purple)
Easter Treasures Gift Bowl
Ecrin de Patchi 248gr
Ecrin de Patchi 398gr
Egg Hunt
Egg Shell (Large)
Eggstra Fun
Eggstra Special
Eggstra Special Gift Bag
Eggstra Special Gift Bag
Eggstra Treats (30 pieces)
Eid Cheers
Eid Flower
Eid Flower (large)
Eid Flower (rect)
Eid Fun
Eid Mubarak Custom Box
Eid Mubarak Gift Box
Eid Mubarak!
Eid Sweets Gift Plate Arrangement
Eid Time!
Eid ul Fitr Delivery Schedule >
Eid-ul-Fitr Delivery Guarantee
Elegance (Harmonie)
Elegant Beige Ceramic Plate
Elegant Bouquet (Large)
Elegant Bouquet (Small)
Elegant Eid
Elegant Favors & Sets
Elegant Gift Arrangements
Elegant Gift Boxes
Elegant Giving
Elegant Joy
Elegant Leaf
Elegant Leaf (gold)
Elegant Leaf (red)
Elegant Love
Elegant Offering
Elegant Orchid Gift Box
Elegant Surprise
Elegant Wishes
Elephant Fun (blue)
Elephant Hugs
Elephant Play
Elf Tea Pot/Cup and Mr. Moose Set
Elite Collection
Elite Fruit Tower
Elite Gold Gift Box
Elite Sampler Gift Tower
Elite Sampler Tower
Elly Chocolate Bars Pack
Elly Mug & Spoon
Emerald Elegance
Emerald Gem (rectangle)
Emerald Gem Arrangement
Emerald Splendor
Enchanted Deer
Enchanted Deer
Enchanted Peach
Enchanted Pear
Eternal Love Heart Box- Large
Exotic Charm Collection
Exotic Fruit Dragees
Exotic Gourmet Treats
Exotic Treats Gift Basket
Exquisite Gift
Exquisite Giving
Exquisite Giving (Small)
Exquisite Giving-- Large
Exquisite Rosary Souvenir
Fall Festive
Fancy Fan Box of Treats
Fancy Holiday
Fancy Nest
Fashionista Baby
Father's Day Elegance
Father's Day Gifts
Father's Day Gifts
Favor Arrangements
Feather Tree Gift Basket
Featured Video
Featured Video - Patchi
Festive Easter
Festive Flower
Festive Gold Pear
Festive Hajj!
Festive Mug Set (75g)
Festive Poinsettia
Festive Red Pear
Festive Santa
Festive White
Field of Butterflies
Fields of Joy
Flawless (Mini)
Flawless (Small)
Flower Basket
Flower Charm (blue)
Flower Gift Box (1lb)
Flower Power
Flower Sparkles
Flower Sparkles (silver)
Fly Away
Fondue Gift Set
Football Print
For Luck & Happiness
For the Kids!
Forest Rose
Forever Charm
Forever Charm (Large)
Forever Together Favor
Fun Celebration!
Fun Eid
Fun for Everyone
Fun Gift Boxes
Fun Gifts & Souvenirs
Fun Gifts For All
Fun Gifts For Dads
Fun Holiday
Fun Ornament
Fun Sparkler
Fun Spirales for Mom!
Fun Times
Fun Valentine
Futbol Champ Large Square
Futbol Champ Square
Futbol Print
Garden Friends (Unisex)
Generous Offering
Gerry Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats
Gerry Mug & Spoon Set
Gianduja Cream in Dark
Gift Arrangement Collections
Gift Arrangements
Gift Arrangements
Gift Arrangements & Baskets
Gift Box Collection
Gift Box Collections
Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes & Gift Sets
Gift Bundle of 2 Bars (Milk and Dark)
Gift of Adoration
Gift of Style - Crystal Rogaskal Bowl
Gift Tin Box
Gifts on Sale!
Gifts on Sale!
Gifts Under $25
Gifts Under $50
Glass Bowls
Glass Plates & Metallics
Glassware Arrangements
Glitter Ball Ornament
Glitz & Glam (Large)
Glitz N'Diamonds Jordan Almonds box
Gold Decorative Plate
Gold Decorative Plate
Gold Delights
Gold Design
Gold Dragon
Gold Egg Shell
Gold Feather (rectangle)
Gold Heart
Gold Hearts
Gold Leather Orchid
Gold Leather Orchid
Gold Luster Bowl
Gold Medallion Square Decorated Chocolate
Gold on Clear Cross Decoration - Baptism & Communion
Gold on Green Poinsettia
Gold Parrot Platter
Gold Plate Pear Arrangement
Gold Poinsettia Favor
Gold Rimmed Glass Bowl
Gold Soft Leather Gift Box
Gold Star Graduation Arrangement
Golden Beauty
Golden Beauty (Rectangular)
Golden Beauty Tray
Golden Blessings
Golden Bliss
Golden Bliss
Golden Celebration
Golden Chic
Golden Dawn
Golden Fancy
Golden Feast
Golden Flower
Golden Frost
Golden Gift
Golden Grace
Golden Grace
Golden Grace Arrangement
Golden Joy
Golden Leather Bracelet
Golden Reindeer Tray Arrangement
Golden Splendor (Flat)
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Sun
Goofy (pink)
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Gourmandine Heart (335 gr)
Gourmandine Specialities
Gourmandines Assortment
Gourmet (Previously Croquet)
Gourmet Gift Basket
Gourmet Gift Basket
Gourmet Gifts for Dads
Gourmet Treasure Chest
Gourmet, Elegant, Fun Gifts
Graceful white
Gracefully Peach (Large)
Gracefully Peach (Small)
Graduation Archive
Graduation Arrangement Bowl
Graduation Collection
Grand & Ultra Luxurious Holiday Gifts
Grand Assortment Gift Tower
Grand Celebration
Grand Celebration
Grand Celebration
Grand Celebration Hat Box
Grand Gesture
Green and Gold Design
Green Beauty
Green Beauty (Square)
Green Bunny
Green Mist
Green Mist
Green Orchid
Green Porcelaine Spoon & Chocolate
Green Sparkle Ornament
Green Tin of Bites
Green Velvet Bunny
Grey Candle Holder
Groovy Elephant
Hajj Mubarak Gift Box (1/2 lb)
Hajj Mubarak
Hajj Offering (silver)
Hammered Silver Tray
Happy Baby
Happy Baby
Happy Cat & Pink Jet
Happy Cheers
Happy Commencement!
Happy Day!
Happy Easter! (Orange)
Happy Easter! (Purple)
Happy Feast
Happy Giving
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Santa
Happy Santa
Happy Time!
Happy Wishes
Happy Wishes (med)
Harmony Jordan Almonds Box
Hat Box Arrangement
Hat Box Gourmandines
Hat Boxes & Baskets
Hat's Off!
Hat's Off! (Small)
Hatching Chicks (2)
Haute Couture Hat Box
Hazelnut, Raisins & Orange Peel
(Metallic Red)
Hazelnut, Raisins & Orange Peel in Milk Chocolate - Pink
Hazelnut, Raisins & Orange peel in Milk Chocolate - Red
Hazelnut, Raisins & Orange Peel in Milk Chocolate - Yellow
Heart Charm
Heart for Keeps
Heart Purse
Heart Sunglasses
Heart's Desire
Heartfelt Wishes
Hearts for keep
Hearts in a Box (Purple)
Hearts in a Box (Red)
Heavenly (large)
Heavenly (rect)
Heavenly Beauty
Heavenly Blossom (Ivory)
Heavenly Blossom Arrangement
Heavenly Eid
Heavenly Pink Glass Arrangement
Heavenly Red
Heavenly Souvenir
Heavenly Treats (sml)
Heavenly Treats!
Here's to You!
Holding Area
Holiday 2007 Collections
Holiday 2009 Collections
Holiday Assorted Gift Box
Holiday Ballotin Delight (Large)
Holiday Ballotin Delight (Medium)
Holiday Ballotin Delight (Small)
Holiday Bar (50g )
Holiday Bar (l100 g)
Holiday Bars (Set of 3/ 100 g each)
Holiday Basket of Treats
Holiday Beauty
Holiday Bliss
Holiday Bliss
Holiday Bliss Valise (Small or Medium)
Holiday Blue
Holiday Catalog
Holiday Cheers Gift Box
Holiday Cheers Gift Box (Large)
Holiday Delights Valise
Holiday Elegance
Holiday Elegance
Holiday Extravaganza
Holiday Extravaganza
Holiday Fun Gifts
Holiday Gift Boxes
Holiday Glitz
Holiday Indulgence Valise
Holiday Magic
Holiday Opulence
Holiday Opulence
Holiday Party Favors
Holiday Pre-Orders
Holiday Sharing
Holiday Style
Holiday Treats
Holiday Treats Gourmandines
Holiday Treats Gift Basket
Holiday Treats Sampler
Holiday Wishes
Holiday Wishes (Large)
Holiday Zen
Holidays 2007
Holidays 2010 Collection
Holy Celebration--Crosses and Doves
Holy Quran Gift
Holy Trinity Tray Arrangement
Home Accents and Gifts
HOppy Easter!
Horse Field (Large)
Horse in the Tulip Garden (Small)
Horse in the Tulip Garden (Tray)
Hot Cocoa and Mug with Chocolates
Humidor Cigar Gift Box
Hungry Baby
Hungry Baby (pink)
Hurray! (Silver)
I adore!
I want Mommy!
In celebration
In Love: Silver Bowl Arrangement
In Style Celebration
Indulgence Leather Gift Box
Ivory & Gold
Ivory Chic
Ivory Chic
Ivory Delight
Ivory Dream (Small)
Ivory Dream Almonds Box
Ivory Dream Double Box
Ivory Gardenia
Ivory Gardenia (Flat)
Ivory Sugared Pistachios
Ivory Sunrise
Jack in the Box
Jolly Red
Jolly Santa
Jordan Almond & Dragees Collection
Jordan Almond Favors
Jordan Almond, Dragee, Confetti Collection
Jordan Almonds
Jordan Almonds & Dragees
Jordan Almonds & Dragees Collection
Jordan Almonds & Dragees Menu
Jordan Almonds Favor Bag (blue)
Jordan Almonds Favor Bag (Pink)
Jordan Pistachios
Joy of Giving (green)
Joy of Giving (Pink)
Joy Ride
Joyful Butterfly (Blue)
Joyful Butterfly (Pink)
Joyful Celebration (780g)
Joyful Moments
Joyful Offering Gift Bag
Joyful Red
Joyful Time (Larger Plate)
Joyful Time!
Joyous Gift
Joyous Offering
Joyous Vase
Jute Bag with Rosary and Leather Cross
Keepsake Heart Box (1 Pound)
Kids Springtime Treats
Ladybug and Friends
Large Curved Vase
Large Heart
Large Mediterranean Sweets Box
Large Red Square Decorated Chocolate
Large Red Square Jewel Decorated Chocolate
Larme Anis Vert Mint Tins
Larmes Menthe Mint Tin
Larmes Passion Mint Tins
Lavender Whisper (Large)
Lavish Offering
Lavish Silver
Le Ballotin Classique (1 Pound)
Le Ballotin Classique (1/2 Pound)
Le Coffret Marquise 263 gr
Le Coffret Plasier 435g
Le Cube Perfetto 347gr
Le Petit Creux Favor Boxes
Leaf Style Gift Bowl (Green Arrangement)
Leather & Silver Arrangements
Leather Box Collection
Leather Favor Bag
Leather Flower (silver)
Leather n Dazzle
Leather Orchid Arrangement
Leather Rose
Leather Tissue Holder & Leather Teddy Keychain
leather tray
Legende (Previoulsy Legere)
Legere Bar (50 g)
Leony Chocolate Bars Pack
Leony Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats
Leony Mug & Spoon Set
Les Fantaisies Carrees 412gr
Les Gourmandies 385gr
Les Inattendus 569gr
Les Napolitains--Milk Thins Box
Licorice Melts
Light Butterfly
Light of Love
Lilac Surprise
Lilac Surprise (Small)
Lily Luster (Large)
Lines Print
Lingots (Milk Pralines)
Lips in Milk Chocolate
Little Daisy
Little Horsie
Little Lady Bug Purple
Little Ladybug
Little Miss Fashion
Little Star Pink Purse
Little Toot Bomboniere
Little White Dove (Blue)
Loleta (Square)
Loleta Arrangement
Lolli Choc Box
Lots of Luck!
Love Bites
Love My Puppy (blue)
Love My Puppy (Pink)
Love My Puppy (Salmon)
Love N' Style
Love Sweet Love
Love you Mom!
Love you Mom!
Love you!
Lovely Glimmer
Luck & Love
Lucky Horseshoe
Lunch Box Filled with Chocolate Bars!
Lush Celebration
Lush Gift
Lush Pearl (Large)
Lush Pearl (Small)
Luxurious Treats
Luxury Gift Box (1 Pound)
Luxury Gift Boxes
Luxury Giving
Magical Tree
Magical Tree
Majestic Blue
Malbane with Pistachios
Marquise (Silver)
Merry Celebration (150g)
Merry Wishes
Merveille ( Metallic Silver)
Merveille (Metallic Gold)
Merveille Box
Merveille Holiday in Festive Blue
Merveille Holiday in Orange
Merveille Holiday in Red
Merveille Holiday in Shiny Green
Merveille Holiday in Silver
Metal Butterfly on Pearl Pink Wrapper
Milk & Almonds
Milk & Feuilletine
Milk & Feuilletine Chocolate Egg
Milk & Gianduja
Milk & Hazelnut
Milk & Hazelnuts
Milk & Hazelnuts
Milk & Hazelnuts Egg
Milk & Pistachios
Milk & White Chocolate
Milk Bar Holiday in Festive Blue
Milk Bar Holiday in Red
Milk Chocolate & Bits of Pistachios (Gold)
Milk Chocolate & Bits of Pistachios (silver)
Milk Chocolate & Bits of Pistachios (Special Blue)
Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Cream ( Red)
Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Cream
( Yellow)
Milk Chocolate Covered Crisped Rice
Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnut
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Egg
Milk Chocolate Eggs filled with Gianduja, Feuilletine, and Hazelnuts
Milk chocolate filled with chocolate cream & Caramelized French crepe
Milk Chocolate Filled with Chocolate Cream and Caramel
Milk chocolate filled with chocolate spread
Milk chocolate filled with gianduja cream and hazelnuts
Milk chocolate filled with orange chocolate cream & almonds
Milk chocolate filled with orange flavored chocolate cream and crsiped rice
Milk Chocolate Filled with White Chocolate & Crisped Rice
Milk chocolate filled with white cream and crisped rice
Milk Chocolate Heart
Milk Chocolate mixed with ground hazelnuts
Milk chocolate mixed with hazelnuts pieces
Milk Chocolate Orange flavored Cream with Almonds, Hazelnuts & Pistachios
Milk Chocolate with Gianduja Cream & Feuilletine
Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut chunks
Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate Cream, Crisped Rice & Hazelnuts
Milk Praliné
Milk Square Holiday Special in Red
Mini Bag w/ Crisped Rice Dragees
Mini Boxes
Mini Boxes Patchi (150 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (150 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (150 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (25 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (25 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (30 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (30 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (30 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (45 gr)
Mini Boxes Patchi (76 gr)
Mini Car (blue)
Mini Charm (blue)
Mini Charm (Pink)
Mini Chicks (Set of 2)
Mini Favor Bag
Mini Favor Box (Brown)
Mini Favor Box (Ivory)
Mini Flower
Mini Gift Cube
Mini Holiday
Mini Smarties Bag
Mint Blue
Mint Blue (large)
Mint Blue Arrangement
Mint Chocolate Box
Mint Dark Chocolate Thin Squares - Napolitain 200g
Modern Charm (Large)
Modern Charm (Medium)
Modern Chic
Modern Design
Modern Design (Large)
Modern Design Box (1/2 pound)
Modern Design Duo Box (2 pieces)
Modern Giving
Modern Glass Bowl
Modern Glow
Modern Gourmandines Box 565g
Modern Ornament
Mom's Indulgence
Mom's Treat
Mom's Treat (Large)
Moon Festival Collection
Mother's Day
Mother's Day Collection
Mr. Bunny
Mr. Elephant (pink)
Mr. Fluffy
Mr. Moose
Multi-color Eggs Hurricane (Chocofeuilletine filled)
Mushroom Fun! (Blue)
Mushroom Fun! (Pink)
My Blue Overalls
My First Car (Blue on Blue)
My First Car (Pink)
My First Car!
My First Spoon (Red & Green)
My First Spoon -Pink
My Horsie
My Little Ladybug
My Little Pony
My Little Pony (pink)
My One and Only
My One and Only
My Only Valentine
My Sunshine
My Sweet Love
My Sweet Valentine
My Sweet Valentine Gift Box
My Teddy
My Teddy
My Teddy Bear
My True Love
My Valentine
My Yummy Bottle
Nap Time
Natural Beauty
Natural Bloom Arrangement
Need Samples? Here is how to order
New Collections
New Year Blessings
Night Light
Night Light (pink)
No Added Sugar (3.5oz)
No Added Sugar (3.5oz)
No Added Sugar (3.5oz)
No Added Sugar (3.5oz)
No Added Sugar Collection
No Added Sugar Variety Box (115g)
No Sugar Added Patchi (200 gr)
No Sugar Added Patchi (200 gr)
No Sugar Added Sensations
Noblesse (3.5oz)
Noirs de Patchi - Dark Chocolate Thins Assortment
Nougat Pistachios & Dried Apricot Paste
Nougat Treats!
Nougat with Pistachio
Nougat, Marzipan & Malbane Collection
Nuance Holiday in Festive Blue
Nuance Holiday in Orange
Nuance Holiday in Red
Nuance Holiday in Shiny Green
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts >
Oh Sublime!
Olive Dream
Onesie Pouch (Burgundy)
Onyx Simplicity
Opulent Giving
Opulent Pearl (Large)
Opulent Pearl (Small)
Orange Dragee Bowl
Orange Peel Crisp
Ornament Favor
Our Chocolate Hearts >
Out of Stock
Outdoor Friends
Paint Your Mug 1
Paint Your Mug 2
Paint Your Mug 3
Palillo Box
Parfait Lait
Parfait Noir
Parfait Noir
Parline Holiday in Silver
Party Ribbons (Pink)
Party Favor Custom Message - See How It Works
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors
Party Favors and Sets
Party Favors Arrangement - Loleta Design
Pastel Charm
Patchi 25
Patchi 25
Patchi 50
Patchi Baby Collections
Patchi Baby Collections
Patchi Baby Favor Turtle
Patchi Baby Favors
Patchi Baby Souvenir & Bomboniere Collection
Patchi Boxed Designs
Patchi Butterfly
Patchi Butterfly
Patchi Catalog
Patchi Catalog - Christmas 2012
Patchi Chocolate Collections
Patchi Chocolate Easter Collection
Patchi Chocolate Gift Boxes
Patchi Christmas Collection
Patchi Classique
Patchi Easter
Patchi Easter Collection
Patchi Elite Collection
Patchi Elite Collection
Patchi Elite Collection
Patchi Elite Truffle Tower
Patchi Flower
Patchi Gift Certificates
Patchi Holidays 2008
Patchi Keepsake Mug
Patchi Party Favors
Patchi Search
Patchi Search
Patchi Silver Collection
Patchi Summer Collection
Patchi Summer Entertaining Collection
Patchi Teacher's Day
Patchi Thank You Gifts
Patchi Wedding Collections: Shop Favors By Color
Patchi Wedding Favors
Patchino Chocolate Collection
Patchino Fruit Candy Bag
Patchino Gourmet Chocolate Collection
Pause Café
Pavé Pistache
Peace and Joy!
Peaceful Wishes
Pear Shaped
Almond/Gold Wrap
Pear Shaped
Almond/Silver Wrap
Pearl Blue
Pearl Glam (Large)
Peek-a-boo Mouse
Pending Containers
Pending Items
Pending Wedding Products
Perfect Rose
Perfetto (Gold)
Petals of Eden
Petals of Eden Tray
Pick a Poppy
Pink Bunny
Pink Angel
Pink Angels Arrangement
Pink Ballet Shoe
Pink Beauty
Pink Block Souvenir
Pink Bloom
Pink Bloom(1 Pound)
Pink Blush
Pink Butterfly Print
Pink Cat
Pink Cat (Finger Shaped)
Pink Delight
Pink Fancy
Pink Favor Box
Pink Gem
Pink Glow
Pink Grace
Pink Harmony
Pink Keychain
Pink Ladybug Favor
Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid Passion
Pink Organza
Pink Organza (square)
Pink Rattle
Pink Romance
Pink Sensation
Pink Sensation (Large)
Pink Teddy Box (Empty)
Pink Velvet Favor Bag
Pink Whiskers
Pinks, Purples & Neutrals
Pinterest Board
Pistachio Dragee
Pistachio Gianduja
Plate Gift Container
Plated Arrangements
Plated Arrangements
Platinum and Silver Decorated Favors (Set of 4)
Platinum Splendor
Platinum Splendor (Metallic Silver)
Platters & Basket Gift Arrangements
Platters & Baskets
Platters & Favors
Playful Baby Girl Tray
Playful Kitty
Playful Patchi Bear
Playful Patchi Bear (pink)
Playful Rattle
Playful Rattle (pink)
Playful Teddy Charm (blue)
Plentiful Surprise
Plush Rudolph (200g)
Praline Holiday in Red
Praline Lait
Praline Noir
Precious Time
Premier Bakers Gift Tower
Premiere Chocolate Wedding Cake
Premium Patchi Gift Bar Sampler
Premium Patchi Gift Basket
Premium Patchi Gift Basket
Premium Patchi Gift Basket
Pretty in Blue
Pretty in Blue (Large)
Pretty in Blue (Small)
Pretty in Red
Pretty in Red (rect)
Pretty Princess Frame
Pretty Snail Plate
Princess Castle Frame
Princess Frame
Puppy Love
Puppy Love
Puppy Love Tray
Pure Hajj Offering
Pure Love Arrangement
Pure Abundance
Pure Adoration
Pure Beauty Arrangement
Pure Blue
Pure Elegance (Fuschia)
Pure Elegance (Metallic Silver)
Pure Elegance (Silver)
Pure Glam (Large)
Pure Glam Silver Tray
Pure Joy
Pure Memories
Pure Memories (Light Blue)
Pure Pink
Pure Spirit (White)
Purity (Blue)
Purple & Silver Soft Leather Gift Box
Purple and Platinum Decorated Favors (Set of 4)
Purple Blossom
Purple Delight
Purple Fancy
Purple Fantasy (510 g)
Purple Glamour (Square)
Purple Trio
Radiant Cheer
Raffiné Lait
Raffiné Noir
Raffiné Noir
Ramadan and Eid Collections
Ramadan Collection
Ramadan Greeting Cards (included with gifts)
Ramadan Kareem Gift Box
Ready to Sail
Red & White Speckled Eggs Bowl (Praline Center Eggs)
Red Beauty
Red Bells
Red Bouquet
Red Charm
Red Cheer
Red Cheer (large 875g)
Red Cheer (small 550g)
Red Delight
Red Design
Red Embrace
Red Fantasy (820 g)
Red Festivity
Red Hearts
Red Holiday
Red Holiday
Red Holiday (Grande Bar)
Red Holiday (large 855 g)
Red Holiday Gift Box
Red Joy
Red Joy
Red Mode Leather Basket
Red Passion Glass Bowl Arrangement
Red Poinsettia
Red Poinsettia
Red Poinsettia (Square)
Red Poinsettia (Square)
Red Pointsettia Favor
Red Poppy (Flat)
Red Reindeer
Red Romance
Red Romance
Red Romance (Large)
Red Romance (Small)
Red Xmas Tree
Reds, Oranges, & Peaches
Refined Gift
Refined giving
Reindeer Sleigh ( With Chocolate Bites)
Rocher Noir Pistache
Rocking Horse (blue)
(15 available)
Rocking Horse (pink)
Romantic Mood
Roses and Lace
Round Bowl
Round Glass Gift Container
Rown Bowl Arrangement
Royal Red
Royal Sparkle
Ruby Delight
Ruby Gem
Ruffles Gift Box
Sacred Festivity
Sacred Flower Garden
Sacred Flower Large (Ivory)
Safety Pin
Safety Pin (pink)
Sailor Baby
Sailor Bear
Sailor Boy
Sailor Boy Salt & Pepper Shaker
Sailor Hat
Sale Event
Santa Barbara Sensations
Santa Jar (200g)
Santa Plate (130g)
Santa' s Here!
Santa's Cheers
Santa's Gift!
Santa's Here!
Santa's Here!
Santa's Treats!
Santa's Wishes
Sapphire Dreams
Say Cheese
Say Cheese (pink)
Screaming Girl
Seeing Stars
Serendipity (Large)
Shades of Grey Vase
Shaped Gift Bowl
Sharing Fun
Sharing Time!
Shimmer & Shine
Shimmery Butterfly (blue)
Shine Bright
Signature Boxes
Signature Crepe Au Chocolat
Signature Gift Box (1/2 Pound)
Signature Gift Tower
Silver & Purple Decorated Set
Silver & Red Decorated Chocolates (Set of 4)
Silver & Red Gift Box
Silver Bowl Gift Container
Silver Charm
Silver Devotion
Silver Flower
Silver Gift Container
Silver Grace
Silver Grace (large)
Silver Moon Gift
Silver Plate Gift Container
Silver Simplicity
Silver Soft Leather Gift Box
Silver Soft Leather Gift Box
Silver Splendor
Silver Splendor
Simple Beauty
Simple Beauty Arrangement
Simple Chic
Simple Elegance
Simple Joy
Simple Joy (rect)
Simple Love
Simplicity (white)
Simply Abundant
Simply Blue
Simply Bow
Simply Red
Simply Red (Rectangular)
Simply Spring
Simply Sweet
Sleek Box
Sleepy (only 8 available)
Sleepy (pink)
Small Baby Gift Tray
Small Baby Girl Box
Small Baby Tray
Small Boxes
Small Boxes (275 gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (100gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (140gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (141gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (200gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (200gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (250gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (250gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (265gr)
Small Boxes Patchi (500gr)
Small Gift Box (6 pc)
Small Gift Tower
Small Green Gift Bag Favor
Small Mediterranean Sweets Box
Smiling Baby
Snail Pal
Snow Elf
Snow Elf (red)
Snow Elves
Snowman's Surprise
Snowman’s Delight
Soccer Champ
Soccer Champ
Soccer Star
Soft Elegance
Sparkling Butterfly
Sparkling Opulence
Sparkling Red Bird
Special Knit
Special Offers
Special Product Offers
Speed Racer
Splendid Gold
Spring Beginnings Gift Box
Spring Celebration
Spring Colors
Spring Delight
Spring Flower (orange)
Spring Flower (purple)
Spring Flowers Gift Plate
Spring Fun
Spring Fun Gift Plate
Spring Jewel (Flat Bar)
Spring Jewel (Square)
Spring Jewels
Spring Joy
Spring Joy Gift Plate
Spring Joy Plate
Spring Medley
Spring Poppy Tray Arrangement
Spring Sunset
Spring Trinity
Squares Print (Blue)
Squares Print (Pink)
Star Wreath
Starry Night
Starry Night
Stars & Wishes
Sterling Light
Stocking Stuffers
Style Me Pretty (Mirror, Pouch & Blue Jordan Almond Souvenir)
Style Me Pretty (Mirror, Pouch & Blue Jordan Almond Souvenir)
Stylish Flower (Blue)
Stylish Flower (Pink)
Stylish Gift
Stylish Gift Basket
Stylish Gifting
Sugar Bite
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Thins
Sugar Free Sensations (1/2 Pound)
Sultana (Squares)
Summer Ballotin (1/2 Pound)
Summer Ballotins
Summer Bloom
Summer Bloom Arrangement
Summer Blues Arrangement
Summer Cheer
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Collection
Summer Dragees & Gourmandines
Summer Elegance
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Entertaining
Summer Favor
Summer Favor
Summer Favor
Summer Favor
Summer Favor
Summer Favor
Summer Gift Tower
Summer Leaves
Summer Lovin'
Summer Lovin' Tray Arrangement
Sunny Cheers
Sunny Snail
Sunset Flower
Sunset Flower (large)
Sunshine Bright
Super Star Dad!
Surf Bus Favor
Swan Lake
Swan Lake
Sweet Babies (by the pound)
Sweet Achievement
Sweet Babies (Blue)
Sweet Baby Boy
Sweet Bites
Sweet Bites (Croquets)
Sweet Blessings (Brown/Gold)
Sweet Blessings (Ivory)
Sweet Blessings (White)
Sweet Bliss
Sweet Blue
Sweet Butterflies
Sweet Butterfly
Sweet Butterfly
Sweet Butterfly Gift Plate
Sweet Celebration
Sweet Cheers
Sweet Day!
Sweet Dazzle
Sweet Devotion
Sweet Eid Flower
Sweet Eid!
Sweet Elegance Gift Basket
Sweet Entertaining
Sweet Fancy
Sweet Feast
Sweet Harmony
Sweet Heart (1/2 Pound)
Sweet holiday
Sweet Jesus Souvenir
Sweet Joy
Sweet Ladybug
Sweet Leaves
Sweet leaves (rectangle)
Sweet Love Gift Box
Sweet Luxury
Sweet Mistletoe
Sweet Offering
Sweet Passion
Sweet Puppy
Sweet Puppy
Sweet Reverence
Sweet Rose (Pink with accessory)
Sweet Shine (mini)
Sweet Treat (silver)
Sweet Treat Favor Box
Sweet Treats Hat Box
Sweet Trio
Tahitian Pearl
Tahitiian Pearl (large)
Tall Jar on Pedestal
Tall Vases
Tasali Nutty Variety - Select Box Size
Tassali & Specialty Treats
Tassali 2012 Chocolate Descriptions
Tassali 2013 Collection Guide
Tasting Selections
Tea Pot, Cup, & Chocolates
Teacher Appreciation Gift
Teacher's Day Gift Bag
Teacher's Day Gift Box
Teddy Bear (Blue)
Teddy Bear (Pink)
Teddy Bear Hugs (Pink)
Teddy Delight!
Teddy Hop
Teddy House
Teddy House and Flowers (Blue)
Teddy House w/ Wooden Flowers (Pink)
Teddy Hugs
Teddy Hugs Frame (Blue)
Teddy Hugs Frame (Pink)
Teddy Love
Teddy Love (Dark Pink)
Teddy Mirror (Blue)
Teddy Mirror (Pink)
Teddy Pal
Teddy's Flowers (Blue)
Teeny Baby Ceramic Souvenir (Pink)
Tender Bloom
Tender Bloom (Large)
Tender Bloom (Small)
Tender Endearment
Tender Endearment (square)
Tender Green
Tender Love (Purple)
Tender Pink Bear Box
Tender Surprise
Tennis Champ
Test Collection
Test Image
Test Item 2
Test Item 3
test item with a much longer name
Test Message Option
Test Mix
Test Page by Chirag
test thumbnail
Test URL
Textured Circles Hurricane
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Gift Tower
The Adorable
The Art Deco Collection
The Bonny Box
The Bridal Collections
The Catty Box
The Chocolate & Spice Box 190g
The Classic (1 pound)
The Classic (1/2 pound)
The Classic (1/2 pound)
The Classic (2 Pounds)
The Classic Variety - Gold
The Classic Variety - Red
The Cube
The Cube (550 g)
The Decadent (4 chocolates)
The Decadent Variety - Bronze
The Decadent Variety - Gold
The Decadent Variety - Red
The Diwali Collection
The Doggy Box
The Dolmy Box
The Elegant Collection
The Elly Box
The Enchanting
The Fancy Gift Box
The Gerry Box
The Leony Box
The Love Ballotin (1/2 Pound)
The Love Collection
The Love Collection
The Love Collection
The Luxury Collection
The Mini
The Mini (4 Chocolates)
The Mini (4 Chocolates)
The Modern (3 chocolates)
The Palette - Luxury Leather Box
The Tasali Collection
The Timmy Box
The Trendy Collection
The Twin Gift Box
The Ultimate Gift (2 Pounds)
The Ultimate Gourmet Gift Basket
The Wedding Favor Collections
Thin Glass Jar and Lid
Three Flowers & Studded Cross on Ivory Beige Favor
Tickle My Heart
Tiffany Inspiration
Time to Celebrate!
Time to Share!
Timmy Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats
Timmy Mug & Spoon Set
Tin Box Filled with 3 Variety Chocolate Eggs
Token of Love
Touch of Green
Towers & Baskets
Treats for Mom
Treats, Favors, & Bundles
Tree Ornament
Tree Style Gift Bowl
Tree Time! (purple)
Tree Time! (Silver)
Trendy Boxes
Trendy Celebration
Trendy Celebration
Trendy Elephant
Trendy Frame (Green)
Trendy Holiday (Large)
Trendy Holiday (medium)
Trendy Hurricane
Trendy Pink Teddy Ceramic Baby Souvenir & Box
Tropical Butterfly
True Love Heart Box ( Medium/Large)
True Opulence
Tumbling Fun
Turkish Delights
Turtle Time
Tweet Tweet (Girl)
Twirling Tutu
Two Buttons (Pink)
Two Gifts in One Box!
Ultimate Decadence
Ultimate Holiday Treats (Gift Suitcase)
Up Up and Away!
USB Lingot Gift Box
Valentine's Day Collection
Valentine’s Arrangements
Valentine’s Day 2017
Varsity Blues
Velvet Leaf
Very Merry Wishes
Vibrant & Seasonal Designs
Vibrant Red Arrangement
View Patchi Valises Collection >
Vintage Baby Girl White Lace Tray
Vintage Gold
Vintage Lace Dress (short)
Vroom Car (Pink)
Vroom Vroom
Vroom Vroom (pink)
Warm Wishes
Warmth & Joy
Wedding Arrangements
Wedding Collections
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Wedding Favor
Welcome Baby Girl
Whimsical Holiday
White & Silver Beauty
White and Black Mug with Mini Chocolates
White Beauty (square)
White Blessing
White Blessing (Box)
White Blessings (large)
White Bling
White Bliss
White chocolate mixed with crisped rice and hazelnuts
White Diamond Pouch Mirror
White Dream
White Elegance
White Fancy
White Flower
White Grace
White Happiness
White Happiness (large)
White Holiday
White Holiday
White Joy
White Joy
White Joy arrangement
White Lily
White Lily (Flat)
White Orchid
White Orchid Sweetness
White Pearl
White Pearl
White Rose
White Rose
White Rose
White Speckled Chocolate Eggs
White Spring
White Wishes
White Wishes
Whites & Silvers
Wild Flower
Wild Orchid
Wild Orchid Gift Box
Winter Blues
Winter Frost
Winter Moose
Wish upon a Star (Purple)
Wish upon a Star (Silver)
Wishes of Prosperity
World Cup 2014: 32-piece box
Yellow Bliss
Yellow Bunny
Yellow Fruit Tree
Yellow Orchid
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose
Yellow Sunshine
Yin & Yang - Black & White Luxury Box
You and me
You Did It! (Large)
You Did It! (Small)
Zen Baby (Pink and Brown)
Zoe Mug & Spoon Set
Zoey Chocolate Bars Pack
Zoey Chocolate Lollipops
Zoey Chocolate Lollipops
Zoey Cuddly Toy Gift Box & Treats